Games that teach Japanese culture

Games that teach Japanese culture
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Games that teach Japanese culture

メダル For the Japanese people and people of Japanese descent all over the world, we wish to create apps that make Japanese history and geography more accessible, easier to understand and fun.
One such app is the Rice Farming game.

We’re one of only a handful of companies within Japan that has achieved a number 1 ranking on the AppStore – twice.

Using digitised data, we will research Japanese surnames, enjoy games that promote Japanese culture, and digitise Japanese family trees for our future generations.

We seek to be the first to create a digital revolution in the domain of Japanese surnames, family and history, and we wish to be the company that makes Japanese culture easier to understand, fun and easy to use.

戦国村を作ろう The Warring States game, with over 100,000 downloads.

Create your own Warring State village!!!

Utilising the big data relating to Japanese surnames, our very own “Create your own Warring State village” is a fun app that also teaches Japanese culture.
Gain points by cultivating rice. Use those points to build castles and buildings. Make friends and grow your village. Get your neighbours to follow you, and aim to unite the whole of Japan. Your rice points and villager count will contribute to global rankings.
Give the village your surname, and grow it to unite the whole of Japan. Farm rice, grow your family and expand your village.

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We are also developing games and apps that use big data content for family names, family crests, and names.
There are other unmatched domestic achievements and know-how in the field of Japanese surname, name, family crest, family tree,
If you have any questions regarding application development or services, please feel free to contact us.
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